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 Particle Size Monitor
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The PSM-400 particle size monitor is designed for Armco Steel Corporation to optimize the efficiency of mineral mining and recovery.  The instrument uses radio frequency ultrasound to measure the size of ground mineral particles in slurries.  The efficiency of ore grinding is increased by regulating the size of the finished particulate material suspended in the slurry output with a closed loop feedback control system.


Key Client Product Benefits -

  • High measurement accuracy.
  • High stability.
  • Self calibrating.
  • Lower cost than previous systems.
  • Latest radio frequency and microprocessor technology.


Our Design Contribution -

We designed all of the self calibrating radio frequency electronics which operate in the 1-10 MHz range.  The transmitter and receiver interface with ultrasound transducers which are beamed through the slurry to measure attenuation at different frequencies.  From the measurement of radio frequency attenuation the size of the suspended particles is determined.  The instrument uses a unique patented successive approximation measurement and self calibration technique to accomplish high accuracy and long term stability.

Contact - Richard Kiefer: 303-449-4700 (Colorado, USA - MST)