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Our office and laboratory facilities are located at Boulder, Colorado in a rural setting with views of the Rocky Mountains.  Here is a brief description of some of our wide variety of sophisticated RF design instrumentation, software, machinery and libraries.


Electronic Instrumentation and equipment -

  • Network analyzer, HP-8753D
  • Spectrum Analyzer, HP-8560A
  • RLC meter, HP-4263B
  • Wide Band Digital Scopes, HP-54503A, Tektronix-TDS220
  • RF Signal Generators, ESG-2000, HP-8656A
  • Arbitrary Function Generator, HP-33120A
  • Reference Antennas - log periodic, bicon, horn, dipoles. Open area test site capability.
  • Tenney Junior environmental test chamber.
  • Electronics parts stock.
  • Other miscellaneous generators, power supplies.
  • Personal computer network including 2.4 GHZ personal computers using Windows XP and printers.
  • Spacious office/laboratory with mountain views.



Software -

  • MMICAD for S-parameter analysis.
  • PSPICE for high frequency and time domain analysis.
  • MathCad for mathematics.
  • Jandel curve fitting package.
  • OrCad and Eagle IV for PC board layout.
  • DesignCad 2D for mechanical drawings.
  • WordPerfect 11.0 for documentation.
  • Microsoft Office.


Machine Shop -

  • Vertical milling machine, Bridgeport style with digital read out on X and Y.
  • Lathe, 12x36.
  • Wide variety of tooling.
  • Materials stock of aluminum and plastics.






Miscellaneous -

  • Extensive technical library.
  • Extensive applications notes library.
  • Electronic parts stock.
  • Electronic parts catalog library.
  • High speed Internet access.



Contact - Richard Kiefer: 303-449-4700 (Colorado, USA - MST)