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In partnership with your company we use the following systematic strategy to develop your product.  Our deliverable to you is the intellectual property which consists of your product design documentation along with working prototype hardware.

  • First, we perform research and/or feasibility studies to prove fundamental technical concepts and estimate the eventual product manufacturing costs.
  • Then, we produce a detailed product operational specification written from your intended customers perspective.
  • Based on this specification we create a detailed project management plan.  It contains a development schedule and a total project development cost estimate.
  • Next, we perform the detailed electronics design including;

Electronic systems analysis.

Analog circuit analysis and modeling.

Radio Frequency circuit analysis and modeling.

Analog/RF integrated circuit chip simulation.

Antenna design.

Radiated EMI measurements to meet FCC requirements.

EMI reduction and control.

Electronic packaging design.

Electronic hardware reliability analysis.

Printed circuit board layout.

  • During this development process we:

Supply limited quantities of preproduction hardware.

Create a complete documentation package for production.

Design and build production test systems and/or fixtures.

We communicate! -  We constantly keep in contact with and receive direction from you.

We are team players! - We work as an integral member of your design team.

  • After completing your product design we support your production personnel or contract assembler until manufacturing is running smoothly.
  • We also produce patent application documentation.
  • And finally, we always stand ready to design future product enhancements or additional follow on products on a priority schedule.

Contact - Richard Kiefer: 303-449-4700 (Colorado, USA - MST)