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[Product Image]The HomeGuard 200 home confinement system is designed for BI Incorporated of Boulder, CO.  It allows sentenced scofflaws to remain at home rather than be jailed.  The "client" wears an ankle mounted transmitter which broadcasts to a nearby receiver signaling that he or she is at home.  If the client leaves the residence the authorities are summoned.  By using the HomeGuard (data sheet PDF) the cost to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies is reduced to a small fraction of the per day cost of standard imprisonment and correctional methods.

Key Client Product Benefits -

  • Latest radio frequency technology.
  • Diversity antennas at both the receiver and transmitter.
  • High data transmission reliability.
  • Long range - 150 feet.
  • UHF interference free operation.
  • Long transmitter battery life- 12 months.
  • Low voltage lithium battery operation.
  • Compatibility with existing product line.

Our Design Contribution -

KED designed the UHF transmitter, receiver, antennas and printed circuit boards for the system.  Surface mount components are used.  We have performed measurements to verify that the transmitter, which operates in the 300 MHz band, meets the FCC part 15 rules.  Both the transmitter and receiver use diversity antennas for long range and very high transmission reliability.  The radio frequency circuit design with documentation and working prototype hardware was delivered to BI for manufacturing.

Contact - Richard Kiefer: 303-449-4700 (Colorado, USA - MST)