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 Electrosurgical Generator
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The System 4400 electrical generator is designed for Bard Electro Medical Systems for use in operating rooms all over the world.  The 4400 is an electronic knife which reduces the surgical time required for most procedures.  It also coagulates at it cuts to reduce blood loss.  The heart of the unit is a 0.5MHz RF generator which sources current to the cutting probe.  The entire unit operates under microprocessor control.


Key Client Product Benefits -

  • High power RF MOSFET H-bridge switching amplifier.
  • High reliability as a result of extensive computer circuit modeling.
  • Efficient magnetics design.

Our Design Contribution -

KED designed the 500 KHz power amplifier with all magnetics.  Extensive computer modeling using PSpice was performed to determine the power efficiency.  Several MOSFET devices were evaluated and most cost effective parts chosen.  The instrument control software was also designed by KED.  Prototype hardware and software was delivered to Bard EMS.

Contact - Richard Kiefer: 303-449-4700 (Colorado, USA - MST)