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 Automotive Keyless Entry
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The Corvette passive keyless entry system is designed for Eaton Corporation, Lectron Products Division, of Rochester Hills, Michigan.  Eaton is the manufacturer and supplier of the transmitter key-fobs and receiver to General Motors for OEM installation on the Corvette automobile.  The system is unique in that a person simply walks up to the car and the doors unlock automatically.  You do not have to press any buttons to open the car.  This is called "passive" keyless entry.  Three patents on the system have been granted.

The test bed for the prototype passive keyless entry system was the Chevrolet Express, a 150 MPH turbine concept car shown at the Detroit Auto Show in 1990.


Key Client Product Benefits -

  • Passive operation, fob transmits all the time.
  • Low power operation for 18 months of fob battery life.
  • Low power receiver draws less than 1 ma average from the car battery.
  • UHF operation for low interference.
  • Low manufacturing cost.
  • Meets FCC requirements.


Our Design Contribution -

KED designed the low powered transmitter, receiver and antennas for the entire system.  We assisted Eaton and General Motors in the placement of antennas on the vehicles.  We have performed measurements to verify that the system meets the FCC part 15 requirements.  The radio frequency circuit design with documentation and working prototype hardware was delivered to Eaton for manufacturing.

Contact - Richard Kiefer: 303-449-4700 (Colorado, USA - MST)